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Cannabis Humidity

Cannabis Humidity

Cannabis Humidity

April 17, 2015 Cannabis Aficionado Cannabis Lifestyle

Cannabis Humidity 


As creators of cannabis containers and luxury humidors, we wind up receiving a lot of inquiries about optimal humidity for cannabis, especially with how many different mechanisms there are that allow for different humidity ratios. We understand that with all of the different information out there it can leave you feeling unsure about which percentage is best for your cannabis. While it may seem to be intangible to know without the experience of use, the best answer is always going to be in personal preference, and then the more archaic answer is simply how cannabis is consumed. Higher humidity levels leave cannabis airier and sticky which some people may prefer, however, some people who use a vaporizer for their cannabis have noted that higher humidity levels can actually make difficult to vaporize. Keep in mind, this is preference based and only one method of consuming marijuana. On the other hand, if you are smoking joints or out of a pipe, you may prefer dank bud since the combustion is slower, with a slow burn the experience will be a more robust flavor. Regardless of information, it will take experimentation for you to develop your own personal preference, being able to have versatile options to suit yourself is far worth it. 

58% RH: This humidity will at least keep some moisture relevant to your trichomes and THC. This RH is ideally where you want to be if you enjoy vaporizing since vaporizing is basically like cooking your bud in an oven with dry heat. When you have more moisture in the bud that means more heat and drying out is required to vaporize the bud. With more moisture, you would taste more of the terpenes.  

55% to 62% RH: This is ideally the perfect humidity range for smoking a joint or blunt, or out of a bong or pipe. When your weed is danker it will create a slower burn, giving you a luscious, smoother, and longer lasting bowl with every hit. 

Many of us have smoked dry bud, noticing first the harsh taste and burn in your throat and lungs, but did you know that you can revive dried-out weed by enclosing it in a humid environment. The second thing you may notice is that your bowl burned up on the first hit. Ultimately, we learned that the range you have your humidity will depend on how you plan on consuming the cannabis. Because we are connoisseurs just like yourself, we know firsthand that it is up to the smoker to define preferences and personal taste when it comes to the ideal humidity for your cannabis. This leaves us to sincerely encourage you to experiment with different RH and different smoking methods.