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Cannabis Container Storage Methods

Cannabis Container Storage Methods

Cannabis Container Storage Methods

September 30, 2016 Marijuana Storage

Cannabis Container Storage Methods

There are several effective cannabis container storage methods to preserve your cannabis using cannabis containers. As such, this post will serve to both reinforce the principles of cannabis storage and supplement some new items of information to boost your knowledge on cannabis preservation. Below you can find some of the best ways to preserve your cannabis flower to prolong its flavor, efficacy, and potency:

-Allow for humidity control: keep your bud from drying and allow for moisture to stabilize at 55% to 62% RH. This ensures the trichomes remain sticky and flavorful

-Keep strains separated: volatile aromatic compounds may interact with each other if theyíre too close or rub up against each other

-Keep it in a dark cool place: UV light will degrade THC over time

-Keep your cannabis container airtight: O2 slowly degrades THC over time


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